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How did The Comic Fear of the Dark come about


'Fear of the dark' is a work of fiction created according to Arthur de Souza Gregianin's request. He is a very smart guy and reported that when he was a small child he heroically tried to get rid off the horrible fear of the dark. How Arthur is a super fan of Lucas' Comic Book, expressed his will of seeing this fear materialized in once more funny story. This way, Lucas, our author and illustrator, with his exciting features transformed the request in once more Comic Book from the Collection 'Fear of what?' in a special way, waiting that the fear of the dark, that is a truly terrifying and achieve lots of adults and children, be overcome and giving place to a lot of hope and light.
Esperamos que aprecie e pedimos que atente para o que diz a Lei 9.610/98 - de Direitos Autorais, cuidando para não repassar o arquivo.

FEAR OF THE DARK - Coleção Medo de Quê?

R$ 22,00Preço
  • Título: FEAR OF THE DARK
    Coleção - Medo de Quê?

    • Autora: Lucas Quaresma
    • ABarros editora
    • ISBN: 978-65-85075-39-8
    • Formato: 14 x 21cm
    • Nº de páginas: 18
    • Ano: 2023
    • Ediçã: 1ª
    • Editora: ABarros
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